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Monday, 27/03/17

MediaCom at Ad Week 2017

Advertising Week Europe took place last week and MediaCom put on a lively informative session tackling one of the biggest topics in the industry, - mental health and wellbeing. The session highlighted the importance of conversation regarding mental health with a panel formed by Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn, global mental health ambassadors.

Josh Krichefski, CEO, MediaCom UK started the conversation by drawing the rooms' awareness to the reality of mental health and how very real and prevalent it was in our everyday lives.

Our panellists who brought tears to the room, shared their incredible story that was already a familiar one for some, having been highlighted in the media several years ago. Eight years ago, Jonny was preparing to jump off London's Waterloo Bridge when approached by Neil who successfully bought him back to safety by simply approaching Jonny and assuring him that "it will get better, you will get better".

To view our session, click here

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MediaCom had presence in various other panels throughout the week.

MAKERS: For The Female Leaders Of Tomorrow took place on Monday, 20 March at 4:15 PM.

During the session, Karen Blackett, Chairwoman MediaCom UK, among other panellists, discussed her personal experiences and biggest challenges. Blackett also offered up motivational advice to young aspirational women striving for success.

MAKERS UK launched #MAKERSBreakthrough, an initiative to keep gender diversity at the top of the agenda and ignite change in advertising by showcasing stories of women in the industry that have broken through the glass ceiling.

The initiative aims to empower young women to aspire to more senior roles in the creative and advertising industries and bridge the gap between gender divisions in leadership positions. Committed to their dedication on the subject, MAKERS collaborated with Women in Advertising and Communications London (WACL) to speak to some well known leaders.

Karen Blackett was also awarded the 2017 Honouree Award on Tuesday evening from Cosmopolitan Hearst Magazine for Ad Week. The award recognises trailblazing women who are selected from both agencies and brands for embodying Cosmopolitan's 'Sharper, Smarter, Bolder' ethos.

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"Was Hillary 'Trumped' By Weak Strategy Or Strong Data?" took place on Tuesday, 21 March at 3:30 PM.

Chris Binns, Joint Chief Strategy Officer joined panellists Paul Springer Associate Dean, External Development UEL, Alex Steer CSO Maxus Global, David Wilkinson Lead Data Scientist Cambridge Analytica and Craig Tuck Managing Director, UK RadiumOne. The panellists debated and discussed the communications strategy that put 'The Donald' in the White House and asked what this might mean for 2017 elections in France, Germany and elsewhere.

"Measuring Up" took place on Tuesday, 21 March at 3:30 PM.

In this session, Jane Christian, Head of Business Science, MediaCom, discussed amongst other pannelists whether people need to focus more on business outcomes rather than media delivery. Additonally, both opportunities and challneges in today's data ecosystem were explored.

"The Future of Content: Community, Circulation & Classy Trainers" took place on Wednesday, 22 March at 12:30.

In this session, Sue Unerman, Chief Transformation Officer, MediaCom, Louise Rumball, influencer, founder, Chapter Three and Nicholas Petche, editor-in-chief, Yahoo UK explored whether content should be produced just because it's sharable, rather than relevant or accurate. It was a lively debate that sparked up a lot of conversation.

Realising The Human Potential: Technology's Cognitive Capabilities took place on Thursday, 23 March at 2:00 PM.

Sue Unerman joined the panel to discuss the future of emotionally in tune technology. The discussion explored the advancements in voice, image and emotion recognition, creating new layers of opportunity and complexity for marketers. Does artificial intelligence understand brand value and empathy? Should companies adapt the way they market different products or services? What are the new opportunities and how can marketers future proof their strategies to win?

The Girlie Show: Truth And Lies Behind The 'Women At Work' Narrative took place on Thursday, 23 March at 5:15 PM.

In this session, Marie Claire Editor-in-chief Trish Halpin chaired an exciting panel to look back at the popular narrative of 'women at work' over the last few defining decades and discussed experiences unique to their fields while looking for truths, common ground and what this means for us all. Trish was joined by Mediacom's Sue Unerman, presenter and vlogger Katie Puckrik, Saville Rowe tailor Phoebe Gormley and comedienne Helen Lederer.

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