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Consumer Insight

Consumer insight is a big part of what we do. To help our clients reach their business goals, we identify potential consumers and try to understand them: their likes and dislikes, their beliefs and attitudes, what inspires and motivates them. Our consumer insight helps us target audiences more effectively and promote changes in behaviour.

Consumer Insight


Importantly, we need to be able to distinguish between what consumer say they do, and what they actually do.

We achieve this by spending more time listening to consumers than any other media agency. Qualitative research and quantitive research are two of the tools at our disposal, delving into the data that can reveal opportunities. But we challenge our people to delve beyond the superficial, to take an immersive approach to understanding the consumer, and how they interact with brands and communications in the real world.

We develop our consumer insight by using several different research initiatives and planning techniques - Real World Street and Method Planning being just two examples. In short, our world class team, supported by some of the best market research facilities and resources available, first understand the consumer and then use their intelligence and expertise to discern the insight that delivers results.

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